10 Shows Like Bridgerton to Watch While Waiting for the Rest of the Season

Delve into more historical dramas with a romantic twist.

Sometimes, you just know a show or movie will be special before you even watch it. We all had that feeling when the first promo photos for Bridgerton were released in 2020, and that gut feeling was spot on. Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix series shattered viewership records with its first season, and the second season managed to surpass it.

If you’re wondering what could possibly match the drama, historical settings, and stunning costumes of Bridgerton, these shows and movies might just do the trick until the rest of Bridgerton season 3 hits Netflix.

1. The Crown

If you’re an Anglophile, you’ve likely watched and rewatched every season of The Crown, but it’s worth mentioning just in case.
Streaming on Netflix

2. Pride & Prejudice

This list wouldn’t be complete without the timeless Jane Austen romance. Elizabeth Bennett lives in the English countryside with her family and faces growing pressure to marry. When she meets the reserved Mr. Darcy, sparks fly.
Available on Prime Video

3. The Duchess

This movie, based on a true story, will appeal to those who appreciated the feminist undertones and dramatic settings of Bridgerton. Starring Keira Knightley, it’s a must-watch.
Rent on Prime Video

4. Poldark

If British historical romance sagas are your thing, Poldark will captivate you. Set about 20 years before Bridgerton, it offers plenty of “will they, won’t they” moments and a glimpse into the lives of more than just the upper class.
Available on Amazon Prime & hulu

5. Little Women

Directed by Greta Gerwig, Little Women follows Jo March in New York until her sister Beth falls ill, bringing Jo and her sisters back together. Amy, the youngest, has a chance encounter with Laurie, a childhood friend who once proposed to Jo.
Available on Amazon Prime

6. Emma

The 2020 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma will delight those who loved the vibrant sets and costumes of Bridgerton. It’s funny, romantic, and visually stunning.
Available on Amazon Prime

7. The Buccaneers

Though it received mixed reviews, The Buccaneers shares the romantic, period piece charm of Bridgerton. It follows a group of wealthy young American women sent to London in the 1870s to secure husbands and titles, leading to a cultural clash.
Available on Amazon Prime

8. The Gilded Age

In 1882, Marian Brooks moves to New York City to live with her aunts after her father’s death, becoming entangled in a social war between her aunt and their wealthy neighbors. The series’ costumes and sets rival Bridgerton’s opulence.
Available on Max

9. Sanditon

Some claim Sanditon is even steamier than Bridgerton. Based on Jane Austen’s incomplete final novel, this Regency-era series follows Charlotte as she moves to the village of Sanditon.
Available on Amazon Prime

10. The Great

Set in Russia during the reign of Catherine the Great, The Great offers even more charming pastel costumes and sets than Bridgerton. You be the judge!
Available on Hulu

These shows and movies should keep you entertained while you wait for more Bridgerton episodes. Enjoy exploring these historical dramas with a romantic twist!

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